Thursday, November 20, 2014

Thursday November 20th at 7:30 PM ~ OFF THE CUFF

A semi-acoustic instrumental and vocal quartet, interpreting great songs from the ‘20s to the 21st Century. Off The Cuff is Harry Lowenthal – Flute, guitar, mondolin,djembe, bongos, percussion,vocals;
Pamela Smith – Guitar, percussion, vocals; Jonas Taub – Guitars, Dobro, vocals; Dan Wheeler – Electric and Upright Bass. Off The Cuff has been delighting audiences across southern New Hampshire and surrounding areas for over a decade. Incorporating elements of jazz, swing, blues, bluegrass, rock, folk and world music styles, Off The Cuff infuses its own special blend of vocal and instrumental harmony into every song to reinvent it as something new and personal. Whether an original tune or an old standard, a pop tune or a nugget by some little known songwriter, the music touches a familiar chord in everyone,whether they grew up dancing to the big bands or to rock bands. It is music that each generation has managed to share; a part of the American musical soul. The music is upbeat, energetic and fun, and The Cuffers have a great time playing and interacting with the audience. Free and open to all.Top of Form
Bottom of Form
Top of Form
Bottom of Form

Tuesday, November 11, 2014


Is Competition the Law of Nature with Mary Catherine Bateson

Charles Darwin stood the biology of his time on its head with his theory of evolution by natural selection, and his ideas about competition still lend authority to economics.  Herbert Spencer, a popular precursor of sociology who was Darwin's contemporary, has been regarded as the founder of "social Darwinism" but actually Darwin borrowed from him the concept of the "survival of the fittest," coined by Spencer on the basis of his observations of the ferocious early years of industrialization.  Biologists today are recognizing more and more examples of cooperation as key to evolution -- when will the economists (and the politicians) catch on? Mary Catherine Bateson is one of Hancock's resident authors after a career teaching anthropology and linguistics at George Mason, Amherst, Northeastern and Harvard as well as abroad in Iran and the Philippines.  Free and open to all.