Friday, April 29, 2011

Library Trustee Minutes 4.27.11

Hancock Library Board of Trustees
April 27, 2011

Present: Laurie Bryan, Amy Markus, Mary Garland, Peter Ryner

The meeting began at 10:30 am.
The Minutes of March 23, 2011 were approved.
The Financial Report was approved.

Director's Report .
Amy requested that the Board identify a location for the Duckie Gardner granite bench so that her family could proceed to have it made.

Amy also reported that the Director of Public Works has offered to give the Library an emergency backup generator that is presently connected to the Town Hall building, since a grant has provided the opportunity to obtain a new one for Town Hall. This led to a discussion of various considerations such as how to minimize noise disturbance of adjacent properties (and to minimize disruption of the use of the Library), the importance of having an automatic connection so that library staff does not have to operate it, the need to have the generator operated briefly every month, the importance of having this equipment carefully inspected to make sure that it is in good operational condition, and the probable need to pour a concrete pad for the generator. It was also recognized that this will increase the Library's annual operating expenses and will need to be incorporated into future annual budgets.

Amy then provided a brief review of upcoming library activities for April and May.

The Trustees and Amy then conducted an inspection of the Library building and grounds. A site for the bench was identified, and the Trustees concluded that there was no more room for benches once the Gardner bench is installed. It was agreed that at future meetings the Trustees will further develop the concept of a memorial plaque to acknowledge major gifts such as that received from Duckie Gardner.

The Trustees concluded that the best location for the generator would be at the rear of the library, by the back parking lot. This is the least disruptive site in terms of noise and allows access for maintenance. It was suggested that some screening should be included and that neighboring property owners should be notified before it is installed. It was suggested that Amy should use the same contractor who is being used by Public Works to install the new generator at Town Hall.

The Trustees also requested that Amy obtain a price estimate for repainting the south exterior of the Library, scraping and painting a bulkhead door along the north face of the building (color to be a dark gray. The estimate should also include making some sort of repairs to the bottom insulating panels, painting the street-side metal railings a rust-proof black, and relocating the flag holder to the other side of the door. Amy was also requested to look into the cost of cleaning the street-side brick wall, especially where white paint has leached from window trim, and either repair or replacement of the street-side Hancock Library sign.

The Trustees also agreed with Amy that the main entrance way and the wall behind the front desk should be more colorful, and Mary offered to work with Amy on selecting appropriate colors for the walls and trim. The meeting adjourned at noon. Submitted by Peter Ryner

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