Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Visit Iran on Thursday June 9th!

Join retired pediatrician Jean Rosenthal as she takes us on a journey to Iran. Her March 2011 trip to Iran brought many surprises. The country was physically gorgeous, its cities filled with magnificent Islamic architecture with fabled archaeological sites such as Persepolis nearby. These will be briefly illustrated in a slide show. But five months of study for the trip left her unprepared for the people, their openness and outspoken opinions. A true eye-opener! Jean Rosenthal is a retired scientist and pediatrician, who has traveled extensively, including many medical missions in Asia and Latin America. The ancient Silk Road has been a passion, starting with a trip over the Kharakoram into Xinkiang more than 20 years ago. She lives in Harrisville (but is a card carrying member of the Hancock Library!).

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