Monday, April 16, 2012

Thursday April 19th @ 7:00 pm

Tales of the Francois Vase with Julia Older & Friends

Julia Older and Hobblebush Books poets Sid Hall, Rodger Martin, and Becky Sakellariou will celebrate April National Poetry Month with a group reading of Older's new book-length poem Tales of the Francois Vase. Chosen as the third volume of the Hobblebush Granite State Poetry Series, the poem follows the 25-century journey of a real Greek vase smashed twice into 600-plus pieces and puzzled together, each time with a piece missing. A third time—during the 1966 Florence flood—a scientist intentionally broke the vase, the missing piece was inserted, and at last the vase was whole. Initially, Older's obsession with the famous vase resulted in a radio play produced by NH Director Kevin Gardner and broadcast nationally by Radio Works to more than 60 NPR stations. Now the complete book includes lively Iliad vase figures, a backstory of the poet's translated research, and a CD of the award-winning radio drama. Please join us for what a recent Keene Sentinel review calls: "Strange and engrossing tales. Falling under the spell of these voices is a deeply satisfying experience." After the reading there will be a signing and you may meet Julia and poets Sid Hall, Rodger Martin, and Becky Sakellariou. Free and open to all.

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