Monday, January 28, 2013

Library Trustee Minutes 1.23.13

January 23, 2013

Present: Mary Garland, Amy Markus, Laurie Bryan, Peter Ryner

The meeting was called to order at1 pm.
The November 28, 2012 minutes were approved.
The Treasurer's report was approved.

MS 9 reports were signed by all members of the Board.

Amy reported that recently the Library has been exceptionally busy.  She briefly reviewed Library activities.

The Board voted to formally accept an anonymous gift of $5,000.

After some discussion the Board voted to continue to utilize the Bank of America for management of the Hancock Town Library Trustee Investment Fund and the Walter Clark Fund, and Amy was requested to invite a representative of the Bank of America to the next regular meeting of the Board for purposes of reviewing investment strategies for funds under the direct supervision by the Library Board of Trustees.

The Board reviewed a draft 2012 Library Annual Report  and after brief discussion approved the text and asked Amy to forward the report to the Town Clerk.

The Board then proceeded to conduct a line by line review of revised Investment Policy Guidelines dated January 23, 2013.  After some minor modifications the Guidelines were informally approved, and it was agreed that the Board would formally adopt them at its next regular meeting in February.

Mary Garland provided an update on potential costs of having a new building sign prepared for the Library.  After discussion the Board requested that Amy have the seriously deteriorated wooden building sign removed when conditions allow, and that for now that sign would not be replaced; the existing free-standing sign being sufficient.  It was also observed that the free-standing sign would need to be replaced in the next year or two. The Board thanked Mary for her extensive research on this matter, and Amy was asked to store the information that Mary had collected, should it be needed in the future.

It was agreed that the next Library Board of Trustees meeting will be on Wednesday, February 27, 2013 at 1:00 pm.

Submitted by Peter Ryner

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