Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Library Trustee Minutes: March 27, 2013

March 27, 2013

Present: Laurie Bryan, Amy Markus, Peter Ryner, Erik Spitzbarth, Michael Wrenn

The principle focus of the meeting was an investment portfolio review presentation given by Michael Wrenn of U.S. Trust.  A copy of his presentation is on file with Amy Markus.  After hearing Mr. Wrenn's presentation, the Board requested that he provide the Board with recommendations for rebalancing the Library's investment portfolio, which he agreed to do.

The Board then discussed how much cash would be needed in 2013, in consideration of investing some of the present cash holdings in the portfolio.  It was agreed that Board members and Amy would investigate the costs of various anticipated expenditures, including a new furnace, new carpeting, the replacement of the free-standing sign, repair of foundation insulation and the construction of a safer pathway between the parking lot and the existing path.

The February 27, 2013 minutes were approved.
The treasurer's report was approved.

Amy reported that she has determined that outright purchase rather than leasing would be the best approach for obtaining a new copier.  The Board concurred and thanked her for her research.

Amy reviewed the library programs scheduled for April and indicated that demand for use of the library for various activities was very high and that at some point she may have to start turning down requests.

The meeting ended at 2pm
submitted by Peter Ryner

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