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Trustee Minutes June 12, 2013

Hancock Town Library Trustee Meeting Minutes
June 12, 2013

Present: Laurie Bryan, Mary Garland, Amy Markus, Peter Ryner

The Minutes from the May trustees meeting accepted.

There was no new Treasurer’s Report.

The purpose of the meeting was first, to select a carpet style and color for the Daniel's room and secondly to discuss how and if to replace the library's freestanding sign.

There was general agreement that the existing carpet was so irreparably stained that it needed to be replaced. It was also agreed that this time carpet 'tiles' would be used so that damaged sections of carpet can be replaced without having to purchase an entire new carpet.  There was further agreement that the new carpet should be colored and textured so as to 'hide' stains as much as possible.

Unfortunately there are not very many choices that are at once attractive, durable and good at hiding stains.  The discussion focused on the many purposes that the Daniel's room serves, including its constant use as an art display area.  Eventually at was agreed that a High Score 10164 (00120) would be used in the Daniels room and that a Royal Red Showdown carpet would be used for the stairs between the two levels of the main section of the library.  There was  a formal vote to award a contract for the sum of $3915 to Cardoza Flooring from Milford. Amy will get in touch with Cardoza to let them know and schedule a date to do the Daniels Room and the stairs in the main part of the library.

Laurie gave Amy the name of someone else for a quote on a new furnace. Amy will call Allen and Mathewson for a quote as well.

It was decided, after looking at the quote for fixing the outside of the Daniels Room foundation, to leave that job for now and revisit at a later time.

Mike Wrenn’s investment update (from Bank of America) was reviewed to assess whether we have enough cash reserves for current and future repairs. Amy was instructed to email Mr. Wrenn to let him know that the trustees do not want to invest the cash portion of the portfolio at this time.

Two proposals had been obtained for replacing the Library sign, both including the cost of replacing the existing pole, replacing all of the existing metal frame, and installing a new sign of the same dimensions and colors, but with updated hours of operation.

Amy and the Board spent some time outside looking at the sign. The basis discussion is whether to replace the entire sign system, including sign, side brackets, decorative overhead brackets, and the pole, or whether to just replace the sign and clean/paint/stain other elements.

The existing pole is showing signs of wear and at a minimum needs to be stained, for protection.  There was a suggestion that the pole should be replaced (with appropriate stain color) so as to avoid having to replace various elements of the sign over the next few years.  However, others felt that since the pole was still functioning and had a nice appearance, it should be left alone for now.

Another discussion focused on the metal brackets which attach the sign to the post.  Peter voiced concern at the degree of rusting at weld points along the bracket, and felt that it might be more cost effective to put a new bracket in place rather than attempt to remove the rust, treat the metal with a rust retardant, and then paint it with rust-repellant paint.  Others felt that the existing bracket, if properly cleaned and painted, might last a few more years.

The cost of doing repair work on the upper bracket and the sign post has not been identified.

There was agreement on having the new sign be made of a wood-like plastic material, and that two new metal side brackets should be used.  Peter was asked to obtain further clarification of some of the items in the proposals before the Board's next meeting in July.

Submitted by Peter Ryner

Next trustee meeting date will be July 24th at 1:00 pm.

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