Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Library Minutes for October 2014

Hancock Library Trustees Minutes

                October 22, 2014

Present: Laurie Bryan, Mary Garland Amy Markus, Suzanne Shevenell, Eric Spitzbarth – Selectman
Meeting called to order at 4:00 pm.
The minutes of September 24, 2104 were reviewed, and Bryan, seconded by Garland, made a motion to accept as written.  Motion to accept was unanimous.
The Treasurer’s report for the month ending September 30th reviewed. Director Markus stated that accounts payable in October would include 1500 gallons of fuel oil at a pre buy price of $3.49/gal, totaling $5200, cleaning of the building rugs for $1700, and an invoice for the patron cards for the new Apollo ILS system in the amount of $600. Shevenell made a motion, which was seconded by Bryan to accept as presented.  All 3 trustees voted in the affirmative.

Director’s Report: Markus summarized the remaining evening programs for October. Additional information on these specific events can be found on the Library’s web page, on Facebook, and in the Hancock Happenings.  November programs will include a presentation from a director of the NHPUC on electric rates and deregulation, a travelogue of Nepal, new I Phone usage, organic gardening, folk and jazz music, as well as a special 4 hour program given by Hancock resident Dan Pickering on the best ways to convert old media products, such as photos, videos, and cassettes to current formats. The date of the program, which runs from 3 to 7 pm, is on November 6th.  Additional details for all of the November programs are available at the Front Desk and in Hancock Happenings.
Apollo ILS conversion is scheduled to happen in November.

Daniels Room Policy:  The trustees reviewed the current draft of this policy, which includes proposed changes in room usage regulation, as well as room use agreement.  Minor changes were suggested for the room use agreement, to be consistent with language in the revised policy.  Discussion followed on the broad subject of the room use by private groups during non-library operating hours.  The trustees agreed that language reflecting these specific circumstances needs to be worded carefully, and that further discussion would be continued at the next regularly scheduled monthly meeting.

Other Business: None
November and December Monthly Meetings:  Due to holidays in both months, the trustees voted to meet for their regular monthly meeting on November 19, and December 17, 2014, with both of these meeting to begin at 1PM.

Chairman Bryan moved to go into nonpublic session at 4:50pm, under RSA 91-A3, II (a) to discuss compensation issues; seconded by Shevenell; roll call vote: Bryan-aye, Garland-aye, Shevenell-aye. 
Compensation issues were reviewed.
Per RSA 91-A: 3 III Bryan moved to seal the minutes; motion seconded by Garland. Roll call vote: Bryan-aye, Garland-aye, Shevenell-aye.
Bryan moved to leave Non-Public Session at 5:25PM. Shevenell seconded this motion, and the motion was carried unanimously.

The trustees voted to meet on October 27, 2014 at 7PM in the Library to complete work on the 2015 budget.  Markus will be directed to post notice of this meeting.

Shevenell made a motion to adjourn, seconded by Garland, and with all trustees voting aye the meeting was adjourned at 5:30PM.

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