Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Thursday April 2nd at 7:00 PM

Thursdays April 2, 9, 23, 30 & May 7
Extreme Weather: A Five-Part Film & Discussion Series

Join us for this five-part film and discussion series on extreme weather, facilitated by UNH Marine  Docent and former Conval High School Oceanography teacher, Jon Manley. Free & open to all!

April 2: Climate Change. What is running our Climate? Presentation on the physics behind how the wind patterns, the ocean currents, the color of the earth and temperature changes cause weather and change the climate.
April 9: Hurricanes & Tornados. Film – CYCLONE – A National Geographic film that gives the basics of these weather systems.  Introduction to F-Scales.  Predictions of how rising oceans and climate change will influence future storms.
April 23: Katrina. FilmKATRINA – This NOVA film follows the buildup and results of one of the most costly and deadly storms to hit the United States gulf coast.  This production underscores the gap between what scientists can predict and the reluctance of people to listen.  Many who died refused to heed a mandatory evacuation.
April 30: Acid Seas. Film – TBA - This session will be a discussion of how the forces that are warming the oceans are also causing them to become more acidic. The implications on the oceans by this twofold threat will be highlighted.
May 7: The Isles of Shoals. A place of history, prosperity, pirates, treasure and even murder, the isles are subjected to some of the most severe weather in New Hampshire.  This session will be about the people books and stories of this rocky outpost. As seas rise, the isles may be among the first to disappear.  Along with the stories will be an opportunity to sign up for a trip to the isles this summer.  

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