Friday, July 1, 2016

Library Trustee Minutes 6.15.16

Hancock Library Trustees Draft Minutes, June 15, 2016

Present: Library Director Amy Markus; Trustees Lexy Heatley, Jane Eklund, and Nancy Daniels; Selectmen’s Representative John Jordan.

Chair Lexy Heatley called the meeting to order at 5 p.m.

New Trustee Nancy Daniels was welcomed to the board.

May 24, 2016 Minutes

Lexy moved that the minutes from the previous meeting be accepted as written. Jane seconded. The motion was unanimously approved.

Treasurer’s Report

Amy handed out copies of the corrected April Revenues & Expenses report from Chuck Van Horn. She noted that $1,300 was given by the Friends of the Library in May, and said we're currently on track with the budget. Nancy will serve as the board’s treasurer; she has been working with Amy to learn the library’s accounting processes. Lexy moved, with a second from Jane, that the treasurer's report be accepted. The vote was unanimous in favor of accepting the report.

Purchasing Policy

Lexy moved that the purchasing policy presented at the May 14 meeting be approved without changes. Nancy seconded. The policy was approved unanimously. [Policy is attached below.]

Carpet Update

Amy said the Friends of the Library are willing to pay for half of the cost of carpet to be installed in the Daniels Room. The total cost is $4,273.29. The carpet company wants a deposit of half; Amy will send a check and the company will schedule the job.

Directors Report

Shed Tour: Seven area sheds have been lined up for the July 23 event. Amy will check on one more possible shed to tour. A press release is ready to go out. Amy will ask the Hancock Market, Hancock Inn, and Fiddleheads if they would sell tickets for the tour. Tickets will be on sale at the library, too. Jane will check with Bauhan Publishing on a couple of details. Amy will adapt the press release with any updates and send it off. She will also notify the police chief about the tour.

Upcoming activities: There are pamphlets at front desk with info on the summer reading program. Many kids events are planned, including the adults/kids reading challenge. On July 12, Peter Toumanoff will speak on his Fulbright trip to Armenia.

Next meeting
The next meeting of the Library Trustees will be held Tuesday, July 26, at 5 p.m.
The meeting was adjourned at 5:33.

Hancock, NH

This policy is adopted to assure that Library funds are expended in the most prudent fashion to assure goods and services required by the Library are acquired in a timely manner in an efficient way.

A)     PURCHASES UP TO $1,500:  The Library Director shall have full authority to make purchases of goods or services up to $1,000 which are identified within the Library annual budget.  For purchases over $1,000, Library Trustees shall follow B) and C) below.

B)      PURCHASES up to $5,000:  The Library Trustees shall have full authority to approve purchases of goods or services up to $5,000 for those items which are identified in the Library approved budget. 

C)      PURCHASES OVER $5,000:  For purchases OVER $ 5,000, the Library Director or designee shall contact as many vendors as necessary in order to obtain three written or verbal quotations.  The Librarian shall present these quotations to the Library Trustees, along with a recommendation, for their approval.  In the event less than three (3) quotations are available, the Library Trustees may waive this requirement.

NOTE: The above thresholds do not include shipping/freight costs.


EMERGENCY PURCHASES:  An emergency purchase outside the guidelines established by the policy, may be made by the Library Trustees if in their judgment, it is deemed necessary.  This shall generally mean or relate to emergency repairs to equipment or facilities which must be kept operating to protect the health and/or safety of persons, or property.  

REQUESTS FOR REIMBURSEMENT:  When authorized purchases are made by individuals requiring reimbursement from the Library Director, detailed receipts must be submitted within sixty (60) days of the expenditure to the Library Treasurer or Library Director.  Expenditures not submitted within the required timeframe, will not be reimbursed.                   

These policies shall be effective upon a vote of the Library Trustees and shall replace any and all purchasing policies previously enacted by the Library.

The policy was unanimously approved by Library Trustees June 15, 2016, and is in effect as of that date.

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