Saturday, July 9, 2016

Tuesday July 12th at 7:00 pm

They Breathe Life into Stones with Peter  & Susie Toumanoff

Peter and Susie Toumanoff, now full-time Hancock residents, recently returned from several months in Armenia.  They will talk about the personal and professional challenges and opportunities that the country of Armenia faces. They will describe the economic and geo-political challenges in Armenia and the South Caucasus as well as their experiences living in Armenia for four months this year as Fulbright Senior Scholar. In addition, they will discuss their continued search for details about Irakly and Sophia Toumanoff’s experiences in the region during the Russian Revolution and Civil War.  Dr. Peter Toumanoff is a retired economics professor from Marquette University. He is deeply interested in all things Russian – Language, Literature, History, Food, and especially People. He is also an avid racer of sailboats and, when between injuries, a competitive swimmer. He shares his love of the water with his Golden and Labrador Retrievers.

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