Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Wednesday October 12th at 7:00 PM

Essential Oils 101 with Heidi Schultz

Are you hearing the buzz about essential oils and want to learn how to use them to support your mental, emotional and physical wellness? Have you tried essential oils but want to understand how to choose quality oils and integrate them into your wellness routine? Join Heidi Schultz for this informative class. Heidi Schultz began her wellness journey as a pre-teen, when she was labeled with an inflammatory arthritic condition that could not be explained. Almost thirty years later, she was finally diagnosed with Lyme disease, causing years of pain, inflammation, and other debilitating symptoms. In her journey to treat her condition, Heidi has explored many alternative therapies, which include the use of essential oils, to manage her symptoms. Heidi received a Masters of Health Administration/MBA from the University of Pittsburgh in 1994, and has created a life dedicated to balance and healing, which consists of yoga practice, good nutrition and wellness support. Heidi recently completed 60 hours of herbal instruction with Blue Crow Botanicals. Free and open to all.

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