Friday, November 11, 2016

Wednesday November 16th at 7:00 pm

Arsenic and Uranium in NH Drinking Water with Marie Degulis

What do you know about your home’s water quality?  When is the last time you had your well water tested? Have you ever tested for Arsenic or Uranium? Arsenic and Uranium are constituents found in NH well water and can be present at dangerous levels in some wells.   Come listen to an Information Session on water and water quality in our southwest quadrant of NH.  We’ll discuss Arsenic and Uranium facts and what technologies are available for water treatment to ensure your family’s health is protected. The NH Department of Environmental Services will be on hand to discuss their water quality resources and tools for residents.  They will also provide sample kits for these and other water quality parameters that evening. If you would like to take a kit home, please call the library at 525-4411 so that we will have enough kits here. Q&A is offered and welcomed during and after the session! Marie Degulis works for Secondwind Water Systems as Water Relationship Manager.  Her focus is to connect residents and businesses to Water Treatment information and resources.  Marie is a Certified Water Specialist 3 and has spent 6 years designing and explaining water treatment systems in NH, VT, ME and northern Massachusetts.  Marie’s background includes working in an environmental lab, sales, and teaching positions at the elementary through middle and high school levels.  She holds a BS in Psychology and Education from UNH and is a Certified Educator with the NH Association of Realtors. Free and open to all.

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