Friday, January 6, 2017

Monday January 9th at 7:00 pm

Fear of Singing Breakthrough with Nancy Salwen

If you’ve wanted to sing in a chorus, wished you could sing along with friends, wanted to feel more comfortable singing the Happy Birthday song, or even just get more out of singing by yourself, this program is the perfect first step! If you can talk you can sing! Yes, EVEN YOU!!  Nancy Salwen, a music teacher from Keene New Hampshire, has published a book, The Fear of Singing Breakthrough Program: Learn to Sing Even if You Think You Can’t Carry a Tune!, specifically geared toward “non-singers” who wish they could sing, as well as anyone who would like to feel more comfortable and freer using their voice. "Not everybody is destined to sing on Broadway, but feeling free to join in and sing along around the campfire, or in church, for example, or to join a chorus — even just to sing the “Happy Birthday Song” along with everyone else — this is a fundamental joy of being human that no one should have to miss." Salwen says that singing can be taught, and she wrote her book both to help people get past their fears, and to guide non-singers through the basic skills of learning to sing. “Singing, contrary to popular opinion, really isn’t an ‘either you have it or you don’t’ kind of thing; singing can be learned," said Salwen. "It’s an honor and a joy to be with people as they discover their voice! I love helping people surprise themselves!” Salwen also teaches private lessons and leads workshops. Visit or email for more information. Free and open to all.

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