Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Hancock Woman's Club Art Exhibit - Coffee Stain Art

Please stop by the library to take a look at the Hancock Woman's Club Coffee Stain Art! Wondering what that is? Take some paper and toss some very muddy coffee onto it. Let dry. Then draw/paint whatever you see in the coffee stain onto the paper. Voila! It's like an interactive Rorschach Test. The members of the Woman's Club created these wonderful pieces on their 95th anniversary last week. Jane Cartmell had seen a display at the Portland, ME Museum of Art and was struck by how creative and lovely the artwork was so she brought the idea home to Hancock. Diane Kidd and Rita Klug helped put it all together and you can enjoy it in the main stacks of the library's adult section. Stop by anytime during open hours: M&W 2-6, T&TH 10-7, Saturday 10-4. See you soon!

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