Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Thursday February 16th at 7 pm

An Evening of Stories with Larry Chambers
Storytelling makes human connections in the most entertaining and sometimes profound way. Join us for an evening of mesmerizing stories for all ages with Larry Chambers.  “Larry Chambers, a cross between Santa Claus and a Southern Minister, brings joy and passion to his work and others.”  That’s how a classroom teacher recently described Larry.  The School Program Director at Sargent Center, Larry designs and directs the outdoor school program for thousands of New England students. Sargent Center is an extension of the classroom where students learn through hands-on activities in the real world or as one student said, “Sargent Center is the place where the ordinary come to get extraordinary and where the extraordinary come to change the world!” A storyteller since 1992, Larry creates and collects stories to help students of all ages make authentic and meaningful connections with the real world and with each other too!  Enjoy an evening of stories Larry uses in his work to educate, motivate, challenge and inspire students of all ages.  Free and open to all.

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