Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Library Events for October 2008

Story & Craft Time for Preschoolers has returned! Join us Wednesday afternoons at 2:30 for stories and art projects with Ms. Kennedy. All preschooler and kindergarten aged children are welcome. It's a great chance for kids (and parents) to borrow books, too!

Thursday October 2nd at 7:00 pm
New Hampshire Premier!

A Mighty Fortress: A Dream Vision Dance Film

A Mighty Fortress: A Dream Vision Dance Film was inspired by the aftermath of a tragedy that occurred in the Amish Community of Central Pennsylvania. The date was October 2, 2006. Five Amish girls were seriously injured and five more lost their lives in the gunfire of an assailant while attending class in a one-room schoolhouse in Nickel Mines, Pennsylvania. The film is a response of the imagination to the aftermath of the tragedy. Following the event, the local Amish community rallied in support of the victims and their families. They also offered support and forgiveness to the family of the assailant. In all respects, their responses were a manifestation of their strong Christian faith and convictions. Central to the film is a photograph taken on the day that the one-room schoolhouse was removed and the school yard was returned to pastureland. The film was directed by Judith Lindstedt and produced by Robert Sargent Fay and Judith Lindstedt. The film's score was composed by Rupert A. Thompson. Free and open to the public.

Friday October 3rd at 7:00 pm at the HARRIS CENTER!
A Tale of Two Owls

Two Owls, a Tawny Owl and a Great Gray Owl - the first found in a nest in a beech tree by a ten year old boy in North Norfolk, UK, the second seen in The Rand Valley by the same boy forty eight years later, are the bookends to a tale of many Owl adventures. Bring your own owl (stuffed or otherwise) in for this event! Suitable for all ages. Written and performed by Sebastian Lockwood, teller of: Beowulf, Caesar, Odysseus and Gilgamesh. Co-sponsored by the Friends of the Hancock Town Library and the Harris Center.

Mondays for six weeks beginning October 6th at 6:30 pm
Meditation Classes with Pam Erdmann

Interesting research has been developed over the last ten years indicating that meditation may have many benefits for maintaining health and well-being. There is now solid evidence that a regular meditation practice can aid the immune system's functioning as well as break cycles of depression and OCD and possibly reverse age related changes in the brain. This six week course can be a beginning to establishing a regular practice or a "jump start" for folks who wish to restart their meditation practice. No experience is necessary, only a curiousity and desire to be active in maintaining one's health. We will meet weekly for one hour for six weeks beginning Monday October 6th. It is asked that participants be willing to make the committment to practicing for a minimum of twenty minutes daily in between sessions. There is a $10.00 materials fee and you must register in advance as class size is limited. Please stop by or call the library (525-4411) to register.

Tuesday October 7th at 7:00 pm
First Tuesday Book Club

This month the First Tuesday Book Club will discuss Tony Hillerman's Dance Hall of the Dead. It's a quick read and there are plenty of copies at the front desk, so come in and pick one up. Next month's choice is Lottery by Patricia Wood. From the publisher: "Lottery is an extraordinary novel about the nature of luck and chance. Perry's IQ is only 76, but he's not stupid. His Gram taught him everything he needs to know to survive...When Gram dies, Perry is left bereft at the age of 31. Then his weekly Washington State Lottery ticket wins him $12 million, and he finds he has more family than he knows what to do with...Poignant and funny, Lottery will leave readers wondering until the last page whether Perry's good fortune can possibly withstand such a perilous world." Copies of the book will be available at the front desk beginning October 7th.

Thursday October 16th at 7:00 pm
Monadnock: More Than A Mountain with author Craig Brandon

It's the most climbed mountain in North America, the second most climbed mountain in the world. More than 60 poems have been written about it, dozens of paintings of it are in museums around the world, and 100,000 people hike it every year. Join Craig Brandon as he tells us the secrets of Monadnock!Craig Brandon is the author of five books of popular history and is editor and publisher of Surry Cottage Books. During his 20 years as a journalist, his writing won awards sponsored by the Charles Stewart Mott Foundation, the National School Boards Association, and the Associated Press. He lives in Surry, NH within sight of Mount Monadnock.

Friday October 17th at 7:00 pm
Film: Three Days of the Condor

It's your once-a-month Cheap Date Night at the library. Free admission, free popcorn, short drive. How can you resist? Our theme for this year's films is Spy Movies and this one is a classic. Three Days of the Condor stars Robert Redford and Faye Dunaway in a tense drama about the CIA. Directed by Sydney Pollack. Great thriller. All the free stuff thanks to Friends of the Library!

Thursday October 23rd at 7:00 pm
An Evening with Authors Carolyn Chute and Edie Clark

Please welcome Carolyn Chute and Edie Clark in a rare public appearance
together. Ms. Chute is best known for her 1985 novel, The Beans of Egypt, Maine. Her new novel, The School on Heart's Content Road, also set in Egypt, Maine, is due out in November and we are pleased that she will be able to talk about her latest work and writing in general. Edie Clark is a well-known and much loved columnist for Yankee Magazine. She has written extensively about New England for the past thirty years. Her latest book is Saturday Beans and Sunday Suppers: Kitchen Stories from Mary's Farm. Come early as seating is limited! Donations to offset the travel costs of the authors are appreciated.

Friday October 24th at 7:00 pm
Spooky Stories Night

Sneak back behind the library and look for the bonfire. We'll be waiting for you on our 6th annual Spooky Stories Night. This year storyteller, Sebastian Lockwood, will thrill us with his scary stories of the night. Suitable for all ages. There will be treats!!

Wednesdays for 4 weeks
beginning October 29th from 3:00 - 4:30 pm
Knitting with the Knit Lits!

Beginners and experienced knitters alike are welcome to join our knitting group on Wednesday afternoons. Bring a project in or start one here under the expert guidance of Jill Kuchinos. Please register in advance by stopping by the library or calling us at 525-4411. Knitters of all ages are encouraged to attend.

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