Friday, October 24, 2008

Minutes from the Annual Meeting - Friends of the Library

Annual Meeting of the Friends of the Hancock Town Library

Tuesday, September 23, 2008 at 7:00 PM - Daniels Room - Library

Present: Jane Richards-Jones, Alison Rossiter, Jim Musarra, Leeni Gravlin-Dunn, Tom Pisaturo, Barbara Strawbridge, Kim Brady, Marcia Pette, Beth GrosJean, Jean Harrison, Amy Markus, Cindy Amidon, Mary Garland, Shirley Kane, Betsy Salazar, Jane Garry, Angela Ramsden, Eleanor Falcon

The meeting was called to order by Alison Rossiter at 7:05 PM.

Colorful chair cushions have been ordered for the oak chairs in the Daniels Room. A suitable backing will prevent the cushions from sliding.

Secretary's Report: The minutes of the September 9 meeting were distributed and accepted as written.

Treasurer's Report: Jim Musarra expressed deep appreciation to Alison for the dedication and leadership she brought to her presidency; his accolade was followed by applause from all present. The fiscal year of the Friends of the Hancock Town Library is from January 1 to December 31. The budget year is from October 1 to November 31. At the next meeting on November 11 a more substantive report will be given. The book sale brought in $5,231. This sale doubled what book sales have made in recent years. The membership drive raised $5,775. In the past year membership dues and donations raised $11,006. The total in the treasury is $18,484.
For the annual meeting a display of activities the FHTL has made possible was on view. Alison had gathered the information which included the following categories: furnishings, fees and licenses, automation project, museum passes, discretionary, DVDs and audio books, technology, baby book bags, books in memory of Dot Grim, speakers series, signs by Michael Havey of Yasvin Designs, film series, and 2008 membership list. There are approximately 325 members this year.

Director's Report: The automation project was completed in January. Software expenses were paid by the Library, and the Friends paid for everything else relating to this automation.

Betsy Salazar and Jill Kuchinos, co-chairs, were thanked for organizing and managing the very successful book sale. The behind-the-scenes work, largely unknown, included taking the books from the Library for storage in the LaPlante's barn and then returning them to the Library for the sale. Betsy and Jill will continue as co-chairs for the 2009 book sale.

The FHTL also enabled the Library to buy an IPod and schedule many diverse activities including story and craft time, hands-on knitting and duct tape classes, and a full year of speakers and film programs. The theme of the films to be shown this year is spy movies. Amy spoke of the many programs and the 'extras' provided, including lots of popcorn, that go on at the Library because of the Friends.
Trustees Report: Representing the Trustees, Mary Garland presented Alison with flowers and a gift certificate to the Toadstool Book Shop in gratitude for all Alison did for the library as president of the Friends.. It was announced that Peter Ryner has replaced Walter Clark as trustee.

Program Committee Reports:

Art Exhibit: Karlene Embler has taken on the responsibilities of chair. The schedule of exhibits goes through 2010.

Baby Book Program: Angela Ramsden, chair, reported that the committee is comprised of Jane, Eleanor, and Jennifer McQueen . Since January, seven baby book bags have been given to newborns. Three adoptions from Ethiopia and Guatemala are included in that number. Taggie Books are no longer being included in the bags as they have become too expensive and hard to find. In addition to age-appropriate books, personal touches such as home-made cookies are sometimes also placed in the bags.
Logo on Book Bags: Alison reported that in order for ConVal students to use the logo in their design work for the Library the artist's permission must be obtained. It was, and the Library can now formally use the logo at any time.

Handypersons: The Library acknowledged with gratitude George Salazar and Nick Gervasio who come to the Library's rescue when housekeeping challenges occur. Recently George rebuilt the snow plow ramp, and Nick painted the north side trim.

Old Business:
Old Home Day Book Sale: Betsy requested three more tables which Tom Pisaturo will buy.

New Business:

Election of Officers: Alison introduced the Nominating Committee's slate of officers and members-at-large:

President - Jane Richards-Jones
Vice President - Leeni Gravlin-Dunn
Secretary - Eleanor Falcon
Treasurer - Jim Musarra
Members-at-Large - Betsy Salazar, Tom Pisaturo,Sophia Rallis, Jean Harrison, Beth GrosJean, Kim Brady, Karlene Embler, Cindy Amidon, and Alison Rossiter

The motion was made to move the slate of officers as presented; it was accepted. Tom expressed appreciation of the officers: "It's easy to write a check but to keep things moving takes time and commitment." Alison announced that the minutes and agenda of meetings are on the computer.

The next meeting is on Tuesday, November 11, 2008 at 7 PM. The meeting was adjourned at 7:45 PM.

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